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Holiday Deadlines

Please Order Early!

There is nothing worse when buying a gift online, and then it does not show up in time!

This is a very busy time for us, as well as everyone who is involved with getting the awesome products to you. So based on how things tend to play out each holiday season, our advice would definitely be to please order early!

The dates below are just guidelines, so if you really want to be sure to get your stuff in time please do get them early, or you can always reach out about express shipping options if you are concerned!

Some of the items in the shop (eg. the framed art prints) ship from the USA and are manufactured on demand, so these can take a little longer.

Many of the products, like books, calendars, patches and stickers are sent out from our US (Michigan) warehouse, and a few orders are sent from Australia too.

Here are some recommended order cut-off dates to get your orders on time! 

Please note: These deadlines are from my manufacturers, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that things will arrive on time.  There are many factors that are out of our control when it comes to delivery times, so it is difficult to be accurate with these.  In an ideal world, we would love to personally deliver everything to our customers, but instead we have use USPS / Fedex, DHL and other shipping companies, and they tend to do a great job.  But how they handle things when the holidays awesomeness starts, is really out of our control :)

Express Shipping: We can arrange express post for almost all products (unfortunately, we cannot express ship prints or phone cases for orders outside the US). Please contact awesome Tim at if you have any questions about an express shipment.

CALENDARS : (Shipped From USA/Australia)

  • USA/Australia -Dec 15th
  • Other Countries - Dec. 5th

PRINTS :(shipped from USA/Australia/UK/Germany)

  • USA/Europe/Australia and New Zealand - Dec. 15th
  • Other Countries - Dec. 5th

PHONE CASES : (shipped from USA)

  • USA- Dec. 15th
  • Other Countries - Dec. 5th


  • USA  - Dec. 8th
  • Other Countries - Dec. 1st

PATCHES/ STICKERS: (shipped from USA)

  • USA - Dec. 15th
  • Other Countries - Dec. 5th

BOOKS:(shipped from USA)

  • USA - Dec. 15th 
  • Other Countries - Dec. 5th


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