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Stoked to be working with Freaks in Japan again on our second collection Hello Sunshine!
Winter Sky. New original acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Size: 24x30" (61 x 76cm) on stretched canvas.
The Beach. New original acrylic painting on stretched canvas. Size: 24x18" (61 x 46cm) on stretched canvas.
New A3 Original Water Color available here called Glassy Night
Playing around with acrylic on canvas again is so fun. This one is 30x24" and called Late One Evening.
Had a lot of fun drawing this one for Andrew. Inspired by his travels to Bora Bora merged with his adventure mobile and favourite animals.
Stoked to keep collaborating with Columbia Japan on these fun collections. Only available in Japan at this stage. Thanks for having a look!
Artwork for ほりにし Horinishi Outdoor Spice Orange Outdoor Shop and Freaks
Logo and character work for Trail Hikes in Japan. Thanks for having a look!
Stoked on this fun and delicious beer collaboration with Ace Buchan, Gweilo Beer and Take 3 For The Sea.
Stoked on this collaboration with FREAKS store.
Super fun times at Greenroom Festival 2023

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