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Jonas Claesson


Writing about myself is not my favorite thing to do, but someone else wrote the below and I like it.

Want to go to a place where road-tripping wolves hunt epic set-ups, all the moose rip and you can ride a friendly dinosaur to your favorite undiscovered right-hand slab? Step into the fantasy world of artist Jonas Claesson.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Jonas mixes strong references from his new home in Australia with his Scandinavian roots. In his colorful drawings, moose, polar bears, reindeers, seals and surfers cohabitate in a wonderful world. His traditional hand drawn illustrations are sometimes digitally colored, resulting in a bold and expressive style.

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Pricing starts at US $2000 with a 50% deposit for me to take on any custom project.

I’m not taking on any custom tattoo designs, unless you want to pay the price for a commission piece above.
If you want to tattoo any of my existing artwork, no problems! All I would ask for is that you send me a good quality photo if you get it done, and artist credit in case it goes out on social media anywhere. Oh, and if you used a awesome tattoo artist, that would be cool too...

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