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Stoked on this fun and delicious beer collaboration with Ace Buchan, Gweilo Beer and Take 3 For The Sea.
Stoked to have a cover and a few spreads in the latest issue of Mountain Gazette.
Super stoked to get the Ten Ox Herding artwork series into Blue Magazine. It came out beautiful and the printing is really nice.
Stoked on the opportunity to create some artwork for White horses Magazine again. This time I did some artwork on fins, along with a few other artists.
This month we caught up with Stockholm-born Surf Rat, Jonas Claesson, the Freshwater Swede whose silky smooth Longboarding Moose has become a global sensation and graces this issue’s cover with the soulful style that’s made him a star.
Really nice article in Japanese with some images from fun adventures with friends in Australia surfing and snowboarding. Check out the full article here.
Had the opportunity to chat to Jason Lock from Magicseaweed about how to get started in surf art. Read the whole thing at Magicseaweed here.

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