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R - Raccoon from The Surfing Animals Alphabet

R is for Raccoon. The Surfing Raccoon from The Surfing Animals Alphabet Book.

The Raccoon from The Surfing Animals Alphabet

Surfing Raccoon illustration

The Surfing Animals Alphabet Book

The Surfing Animals Alphabet - Jonas Claesson

About The Surfing Animals Alphabet

My mom and girlfriend had both suggested that I should do a children’s book for some time. One day when I was surfing I thought that it would be fun to draw an animal that starts with A, post it on Instagram and see what people out there thought I should draw for B… That was the start of it, it was a very fun process that took about a year from start to finish.

About half way through the Alphabet James Redmayne reached out and asked if I had a plan for the text, which I did not. He had already written some of the poems for fun while studying to become a doctor. The poems where awesome, and I could tell that he was a surf lover and knew about surf culture and all the different characters that we meet in the water. 

A few months later when the last drawing was done, I reached out to James and asked if he wanted to come up with the remaining poems, and he did.

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